After more than thirty years in films, Tim Zinnemann started a second career as a professional photographer in 1992. Since that time, he has worked for various publications shooting editorial fashion and portraiture. He has also worked in advertising and is currently finishing a fine art book of photography that he plans to have published next year. The gallery section of this site represents a small selection of Zinnemann's personal work. The site will be updated as new work becomes available for display.

Highlights of film career:

Worked in Rome, Italy in the early sixties as an assistant film editor returning to the U.S. 1963 to complete work on " The Pink Panther". For the rest of the sixties and beginning of the seventies Zinnemann worked as a Ist assistant director and production manager for CBS Television and on many features film including: Bullitt, The Reivers, The Great White Hope, Carnal Knowledge, The Cowboys, King of Marvin Gardens, Day of the Locust, Smile, Farewell My Lovely, Day of the Dolphin plus others. In 1975 became a producer and went on to make such films as: Straight Time, The Jericho Mile, The Long Riders, Tex, Fandango, Crossroads, The Running Man, Pet Semetary and others. Currently, Zinnemann remains active in the film business as well as photography and is looking forward to beginning principal photography as a director on a feature from an original script by S.E. Hinton (The Outsiders) next year.